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If you’re planning a golf tournament for your company or organization, don’t forget about a great keepsake photo so the participants remember your event all year.  We at Kevin Roznowski Photography provide the highest quality golf tournament photos and onsite prints.

Our use of high-quality digital cameras and high-power electronic flash allow your participants to look their best.  Our flash system is strong enough to eliminate the dark shadow on the face from the sun on the brightest day, so your photos look great.

We can add your tournament logo to every digital print we make.  If you have a photo sponsor, we can include their sponsorship logo on each print as well.

How It Works:

One option is to use a golf cart to drive the course and photograph the foursomes at different locations as they play.  We return to the club house and make digital prints and place them into the folders/frames.  They are ready to deliver to the golfers as they return to the club house or are ready to hand out at the afterparty or banquet.

Another option is to set up in one location on the course and photograph each group as they pass that spot.  This can be a great option on a beautiful coastal golf course with an amazing view.  The foursome photo is taken before they tee off and is ready for them to take with them when the leave the tee location.

We offer special pricing for charity golf tournaments of all sizes.

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